Renee Fleming Last Performance

After listening on Saturday in a life radio Station WQSR 105.9 FM the magnificent Soprano singer Renee Fleming in witch was performing the opera Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss that translated means The Knight of the Rose, I was amazed of how well this singer does her performance just by listening her voice on the radio was very powerful. Sadly, before the performance started, one of the radio station Broadcaster said that this was going to be her last performance. In addition, after decades of Renee being the stage performing numerous operas, today she will perform for the last time in the Metropolitan Opera House. 

The opera story consist of an 32 years old wife “Marschallin” that fight all along with her unsustainable marriage. As a result she has an affair  with a young man that is half her age “Octavian“. And at the end Octavian leaves Marschallin for some other woman that is younger.

This opera consist of five main character:

Marschallin: Renee Fleming

Octavian: Elīna Garanča

Baron Ochs: Günther Groissböck

Faninal: Markus Brück

Sophie: Erin Morley

The instrumentation of this opera in witch Strauss composed consist of: three flutes (piccolo), three Oboes (English horn), three Clarinets and three  bassoons (contrabassoon) on the Woodwind Family. Four French horns, Three trumpets, Three trombones and bass tuba on the brass family. Celestatimpanibass drum,  cymbalstriangle,  tenor drumsnare drumjingle bellstambourineglockenspielratchet, and castanets on the percussion family. Two harps, sixteen violins I, sixteen violins II, twelve violas, ten cellos, eight double basses on the string family.

This is an opera comique in which is an type on opera that not necessarily need to be to laugh. In addition, this type of opera is current in France and it is characterized by have a spoken conversation and an opera on a lighthearted theme, typically in French and with spoken dialogue.

when it come to the music, every scenes I can say  has its own color I believe that when  Strauss was compassion this opera he was trying to communicate emotion with the orchestra alone. In every section that Marschallin was around with Octavian the music was consonant and playful. however, when her husband was in the scene the bassoon played and more low pitch instrument where playing like the tuba and the trombone.

To conclude, I would wish to be their seeing life her las performance to explain the costumes and the decoration of the stage, but with only the radio was Amazing to listed to this great opera by Strauss figuring the last performance of Renee Fleming.

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  1. Der Rosenkavalier is a fun piece (it’s in German, though, not French) and well worth hearing. Renee Fleming will be missed by opera audiences, but I wonder if she will still sing Lieder, just not staged opera? (when my nephew was just 2, he would ask for Renee Fleming by name…somehow she was his favorite!)

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