Making Hyperlinks

Hey everyone,

I’ve noticed that many posts on the blog aren’t taking advantage of all the text styling features that are available, most importantly, hyperlinks.

Hyperlink definition
Google’s definition

A hyperlink is an internet-friendly sort of footnote, in which you actively take your reader to your source, without having to fill the page with all that ugly URL language.  It can be a good way to introduce your reader to websites of interest, and further reading.  I’ve seen great URLs so far to websites and reviews, but the reader has to cut-and-paste the long text.  We all prefer hyperlinks.

Here’s how to create them:

Highlight the text you want to make an active link.

Select the “link” button from the top of our editing window.  It looks like this:

Link Button

Then cut-and-paste your URL into the box that opens and hit “Enter”



I look forward to being able to link to your interesting research with each new post!

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