Competition for Student Artists at CUNY

Are you preparing an original composition for our class concert? Does it engage ideas of diversity? If so, consider entering it in the first ever competition for students: Strength In Us.

The richness of the City University of New York (CUNY) is defined by who we are: the most diverse University system in the nation. CUNY’s history and our future is built around opening doors of higher education to all students from across the globe who strive to learn, study, and share knowledge.

Strength in Us is a CUNY-wide student challenge with the goal to encourage students to submit creative work that depicts:

  • the importance of a more just, diverse and inclusive campus climate;
  • what an idealized future would be like if CUNY became the global leader in furthering active and respectful inquiry; or
  • ways students might spearhead efforts to advance educational opportunity at CUNY for students from around the world

4 Prizes to be Awarded:

Grand Prize: $1500
First Honorable Mention: $1000
Second Honorable Mention: $750
Third Honorable Mention: $250
The winners of Strength in Us will be decided via crowdsourcing by YOU!

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Strength In Us

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