Planning for the Class Concert May 10

We had a great preview of the performance groups today and I wanted to summarize what we talked about in a post so that you have a record and can jump in with comments and updates.

Wednesday May 10 concert @ 12:30 with a Tech run-through at 9:30

Monday May 8: Dress Rehearsal during class time.  I’ll see if I can book the Recital Hall for this.


Finalized list of stage “needs” due next week, May 1. This should include all microphones, cables, music stands, chairs, piano or anything you intend to use for your performance.

Groups that didn’t get to play their piece in class today will get their chance on Monday.  We can also perform something together as a whole class.  Let’s start Monday’s class with the Tuning Meditation and see where it takes it us, now that our ears are so much bigger!

Here’s the program so far (not in any particular order):

Spiegel im spiegel, by Arvo Pärt performed by Jose Lopez and Amber Milan

Pitch City, by William Duckworth performed by Jose Lopez, Juan Baez, Olivia Cipriano, Alejandro Marrero

LOL conceived and performed by Gregory Morelo, Michael Stephens, Dasom Park, Bladimir Taveras, Alejandro Marrero, Gustavo Nuñez

Snowforms by R. Murray Schafer performed by Shayna Cody, Suheiry Rivera, Devin Negroni, Rose Kaufman

David and Abigail by Anthony Puentes performed by Akeem Edwards, James Nitis, Tuan Ngo, Anthony Puentes

TBA: Daniel Silva, David Rivera, Jesus Morel

TBA: Emil Garcia, Clapping Music???

What else did you have in mind? Let me know about additions to the program. Images and other projections are welcome.

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  1. Emil Garcia says:

    Cool! Sorry that I missed class. David and I will be performing “clapping music” and hopefully we can have a rehearsal on Monday. We worked on it last Thursday and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

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