Month: January 2017

Welcome to MSH 334: Music Since 1945!

Welcome to our class blog devoted to reports on “new” music in and around New York City in the first half of 2017. This blog aims to be both a record of musical events as well as a forum for discussing the music scene in New York.

During the Spring semester 2017, we will be attending a number of live musical events and sharing our reactions to the music here in blog format. We will all write (and this includes me) at least three times in the semester on concerts of “new” music that we attended, new recordings, and research or opinion pieces on issues related to new music today.

The definition of “new” music is, of course, slippery. For our purposes, we’ll consider any art music composed after 1945 to be “new”, though I know some would argue with this point. And just what makes something “art” music is entirely a point of debate that we can take up in this blog.

All of the other course-related material is also on this site. Take a moment to explore it and I look forward to seeing you on January 30!