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Philip Glass and Kora virtuoso Foday Musa Suso

About the Show

Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso famously collaborated on the album The Screens composed as music for a production of the play by Jean Genet, the score for the film Powaqqatsi, and on the concert work Orion. As part of a celebration of Philip Glass’ 80th birthday year, the two artists will come together again for an intimate and collaborative performance.

Turquoise Lake

About the Show

 Humayun Khan and Douglas J. Cuomo have formed Turquoise Lake, an eight-piece ensemble of musicians from a variety of improvisational traditions to create music that blends the raga tradition of North India and Afghanistan, Farsi poetry of the great Sufi masters, and Afghan folk melodies and ghazals, with western jazz and rock styles. At the heart of Turquoise Lake is the idea that a band led by a Muslim and and American Buddhist that includes members who are Hindu, Jewish, African-American Christian, and Catholic can, in it’s small way, show the possibility of what the world could be; what it already is if only you have a chance to experience it that way.

About the Artists

 Humayun Khan, a widely-hailed Afghan singer and composer, is known for his brilliant performances as a virtuosic vocalist and harmonium player who has developed a unique style blending Farsi poetry with Indian classical Ragas. He has performed on many recordings and soundtracks, and in venues throughout the world, including the Gnaoua and Asilah International festivals in Morocco, The Kennedy Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Composer and guitarist Douglas J. Cuomo has written music for the concert and opera stages as well as film, television and theatre and for performers including Denyce Graves, Christine Brewer, The Romero Guitar Quartet, Maya Beiser, Evelyn Glennie, Jeffrey Zeigler, Ashley Bathgate, Kathleen Supové, Chanticleer, The Young People’s Chorus of NYC, and others. Among his work film and television work is the theme for Sex & The City, and many others. Both Khan and Cuomo are strong advocates of cultural understanding through music.



The Epichorus

Priya Darshini (voice)
Zach Fredman (oud)
Max ZT (dulcimer)
Daniel Ori (bass)
Rich Stein (percussion)
Dave Eggar (cello)
Uri Sharlin (accordian)
Yosef Goldman (voice)


Featured Women’s Organization: Exhale to Inhale
The Epichorus performs the music of roots, new songs based in ancient sounds; they are lineage holders of traditions from Greece, Egypt, Syria, and India. Priya Darshini, serenades in sounds beyond language, moving fluidly between Hebrew, Hindi, and Aramaic, backed by [masterful]​​ oud, violin, accordion, rhythm and bass. Come ready to be transported by ethereal music reminiscent of a loftier home.

“Epichorus’s sound is as diverse as its penchant for weaving musical legacies”      –Washington Post
Learn more about: http://exhaletoinhale.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exhaletoinhaleyoga

Free: Hevreh

Judith Dansker: oboe, English horn, Native American flute
Laurie Friedman: clarinet, shofar, percussion, Native American flute
Jeff Adler: bass clarinet, balafon, kalimba, Native American drone flutes
Adam Morrison: piano, percussion

Works by Jeff Adler