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FREE: Tigue

Brooklyn-based trio Tigue fuses the precision of contemporary classical music with art-rock energy. In addition to creating its own visionary works, Tigue actively commissions new music from leading composers, and has been praised for its “imaginative, distinctive, hypnotic yet kinetic blend of indie classical, minimalism, post-rock, and drone music” (New York Music Daily). With its new album, Peaks, Tigue pushes the creative envelope to the edge.


·· Matt Evans, Keyboard and Percussion
·· Amy Garapic, Drums and Percussion
·· Carson Moody, Drums and Percussion


  • ROBERT HONSTEIN An Index of Possibility
  • MATT EVANS Quilts

FREE: Antibalas

Brooklyn-based Antibalas’ funky sound is inspired by Fela Kuti’s Nigerian Afrobeat grooves with a healthy dose of American soul music and Latin dance beats. Every Antibalas concert is a spicy mix of funk and jazz, with rhythms propelled by drums, horn, guitar, and bass. With a name derived from the Spanish word meaning “bulletproof,” Antibalas’ “jumpy juju guitar rhythms, spiritual-ancestral Yoruban drum patterns, and emphatic call-and-response choruses” (Los Angeles Times) lift audiences out of their seats.