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New York New Music Ensemble

Come Round

David Felder: partial[dist]res[s]toration  (2011) for sextet and electronics *
Rand Steiger: Light on Water (2013) for flute, piano & electronics
Anthony Cheung: Roundabouts  (2009-10) for solo piano
Jacob Druckman: Come Round (1991) for sextet *


* NYNME commission

Featuring the New York New Music Ensemble 
Emi Ferguson, flute
Linda Quan, violin
Christopher Finckel, violoncello
Daniel Druckman, percussion
Stephen Gosling, piano
James Baker, conductor

with guest artist:
Adrian Sandi, clarinet

Innova Recordings label showcase

About the Show

 Miya Masaoka

Eleonore Oppenheim
Mari Kimura
Bohemian Trio

Inn-fest is a two-act mini-festival curated by innova Recordings and showcasing an all-star cast of composers and performers fro its New York contingent. As the label of the Minnesota-based American Composers Forum, innova is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of new music. Since 1982, innova has produced an ever-growing catalog that currently stands at over 550 albums, and promotes a staggering array of idiosyncratic genres and voices. This micro-marathon will celebrate the variety and vision that is a hallmark of the award-winning label.

The first act (7 pm) features Miya Masaoka’s powerful double quartet, Eleonore Oppenheim’s performance works for double-bass and electronics, Mari Kimura’s astonishing violin techniques, and the Afro-Cuban inspired Bohemian Trio.

The second act (10 pm) opens with excerpts from Peter Van Zandt Lane’s ballet about cyber hacking, followed by Neil Rolnick’s works for laptop and piano (with Kathleen Supové), and Cornelius Dufallo performing works for amplified violin. The evening ends with a massive graphic score by Mark Applebaum interpreted by the previous artists joined by other labelmates, including Guy Barash, Gordon Beeferman, Yuki Numata Resnick, Viv Corringham, Trevor Babb, Grant Cutler, Bernd Klug and more.