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FREE Face the Music: Very Young Composers Showcase

About the Show

 Very Young Composers aims to unlock and empower the natural artistry, musicianship, and creativity inherent in virtually all children, regardless of economic circumstance, race, gender, or nationality. Goals are to build personal confidence and leadership; to cultivate deep understanding of music; and to inspire tomorrow’s composers to bring the music of the future into the concert hall. Founded by Jon Deak, a former member of the Philharmonic, Very Young Composers began as an after-school program aimed primarily at children aged 9-11. The essential requirement for participation is not extensive musical accomplishment, but rather a love for music. The Composer’s Bridge follows through with students up to age 13, giving them incomparable access to professional musicians and public performances of their works. Programs inspired by Very Young Composers across the United States and around the world connect young people through creative projects.

All compositions will be performed by Face the Music.

The Very Young Composers Project is supported in part by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation and the D’Addario Foundation.