Author: Jose Lopez

Ethel & Friends

Hello everyone, I decided to attend a performance on a group called Ethel and friends at the metropolitain museum of art on Saturday.  Ethel and friends are a string quartet that has traditional roots in classical music, however they focus on making classical music more relatable to the present day audience.  How? They perform modern songs using classical techniques.  If you would like to listen to an example here are the following links.

It’s unfortunate for me because I didn’t get to see the string quartet that day.  I was able from a far to see a pianist and a flutist.  From what I heard they were improvising back and forth. I couldn’t hear a clear melodic phrase or theme.  The pianist was playing fast arpeggios like the flutist was soloing/improve, I believe in a major key.  They both were enjoying themselves, however the crowd was oblivious to them.  They were playing in the food court/bar area on the balcony of the museum. I was across the balcony but was able to still listen to some details due to the acoustics in that hall. I wish it had been in a room where they both were appreciated.  I also wish I could of been closer to give a more detailed report on their musical performance.